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Samuel Warrington


Lifelong Delaware resident Samuel Warrington began his accounting career with Robert M. Hoyt and company, where he was made partner in 1990. In October 2000, he became a partner in Berry, Barlow, and Warrington LLP until 2009, when the company merged into Raymond F. Book & Associates PA, where Samuel currently maintains his position as Partner.

Samuel is a Certified Public Accountant and holds an Associate’s Degree in Accounting from Delaware Technical and Community College, as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree from Delaware State University. His area of specialization is the tax side of the accounting business.

In addition to his work in accounting, Samuel is also a member of the Rehoboth Presbyterian Church of Midway, and a member of Masonic organization Jefferson Lodge in Lewes. Samuel and his wife Carrie have two children, daughter Kasie is a graduate of University of Delaware and current employee of the DuPont Company, and son Cody is a student at Delaware Technical and Community College.